New Original HP Laptops Battery Price In India

You may be Searching in Internet how much an HP laptop battery costs in India. If you need to replace the battery in your laptop with one year warranty , you need to know how much a new one will cost. The prices for HP laptop batteries range from Rs 1,000 to over Rs 6,000, but most are priced somewhere in between.

The price of an HP Pavilion battery is approximately Rs 1,049, while an HP 919701-850 battery costs around Rs 4,999. For those who need a non-removable battery, you should consider using the HP service centre Delhi nearest you.

HP laptop battery is a good option for your laptop. It has some important advantages like rechargeable feature and compact size. However, there are some precautions you need to take while choosing it.

Overcharging your battery will not only damage your system, but it will also take longer time to boot the OS. Here is a quick guide to selecting an HP laptop battery:

Original HP laptop batteries

HP notebook batteries have multiple cells for improved efficiency and are extremely portable. They are also packed with safety features. These batteries are compatible with many different models of laptops, and deliver accurate voltage for safe power-ups.

To find the exact price of your HP laptop battery, you can visit the online store. If you’re unsure of which battery to buy, look for your model number on the battery’s sticker or fine print. This is usually under Device Specifications.

Lithium-ion batteries

HP has begun selling laptop batteries with a three-year guarantee. The new HP laptop batteries use cells called Sonata from Boston Power Inc., a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries with an 80% charge capacity.

The new HP batteries will be compatible with 18 models in the consumer laptop line, which accounts for 70 percent of HP laptop sales. The batteries will be available for purchase through HP’s website. To learn more, you can follow the links below.

Compact size

An HP laptop battery is a useful accessory for laptops that allows you to work without any hassle. The capacity of the battery is 4400 mAh, which is just about enough to power your laptop for four hours or more. In addition to being long lasting, it is also very compact in size, increasing the overall portability of the laptop. A bonus feature of this battery is that it is rechargeable, meaning that it can be charged quickly and reused again.

Quick-charging ability

The HP company will soon begin selling replacement HP laptop batteries with a three-year warranty. These batteries use Sonata cells from Boston Power Inc., which are lithium-ion batteries with a thousand cycles of use.

They can charge up to 80 percent in 30 minutes, which makes them ideal for extending the life of laptops. The HP laptop batteries will be available for 18 HP consumer models, which account for 70 percent of HP laptop sales


The HP laptop battery has a relatively long life. Once fully charged, it releases a small amount of power before starting to charge again. However, the battery can become depleted in a few years due to factors like display brightness, external storage, and processing speed.

To maximize battery life, use HP laptop batteries with the appropriate wattage and avoid fully discharging them. To extend battery life, you should avoid fully discharging your laptop battery and charging it constantly.


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