Dell Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

Dell Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement Cost

Dell Laptop screen repair cost in India starts at Rs. 2499 for a Dell inspiron n4010 and old model of dell laptop. laptop screen cost, depending on if the screen is touch or non-touch accessible. I.e; Dell Vostro 14 series laptop screen is LED paper 30 pin cost is Rs. 4500 with installation/ Dell inspiron 15 series with latest model  IPS 30 Pin Price Rs. 6500 with installation./

Dell laptops come in various series like Dell Inspiron, Dell Vostro, Dell latitude, Dell alienware and many more. The replacement cost of the dell laptop screen may differ as per the dell laptop you are wondering about for screen replacement. To get the current laptop screen replacement cost contact our professionals on 9911990427 so that our tech team can provide the most accurate quotation of Dell screen replacement cost in India.

Dell laptop series

Screen replacement cost

Dell Inspiron

Rs. 1800 to Rs. 4500

Dell latitude

Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4500

Dell Vostro

Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000.99

Dell old laptop

Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3999

Dell old laptops  

Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3500

Which screen is best for an Dell laptop screen to swap with?

BOE screens and Mohotec are the most recommended screen brands in India. BOE screens have been the world’s biggest manufacturer since 1993 and most trusted laptop brands prefer to use compatible BOE screens in their gadgets.

The average Dell laptop screen replacement cost in India is between Rs. 4500 – Rs. 5500, the range for all Dell laptop screens repair including the basic to high-resolution laptops, the Dell screen replacement cost India comes down in Rs. 4500 – Rs. 8000, inclusive the service cost and installation.

How to fix a broken or damaged screen in India?

If your laptop screen cracked from inside or physically accidentally fell down then you need to replace the entire screen. A laptop screen is not a repairable product and only you can replace it. If you require a service center where you can replace your screen then contact the Hot laptop repair centre laptop service center near me and get your screen replaced at reasonable rates. Screen replacement varies from time to time contact our technicians to know about screen replacement costs in India, Dell Vostro screen replacement cost in India.


How can I replace my laptop screen?

When screen replacement is required? In certain cases, you are needed to replace your   Dell screen with a new screen. Laptop screen problems like

white/black horizontal lines

 laptop screen blinking

brightness issue in laptop screen

dim laptop screen

the display cable is damaged

 dark patches on the laptop screen

cracked monitor screen

uneven color

screen shattered

Colored vertical lines on the screen

Black screen display

Complete White Screen

All these problems are indicative of a new screen requirement.


We at have an experienced tech team, our experience allows us to diagnose and efficiently repair all screen problems with utmost care. We are specialists in repairing and replacing laptop screens in India. You can have your Acer laptop screen changed or fixed in no time at the store. Our skilled technicians are true experts in their field, and they assure that your device is completely safe. Furthermore, Acer laptop screen repair and replacement in India, also offers other services like Laptop Ram Replacement, Laptop Battery Replacement, Laptop IC and Body Replacement, Laptop Water Damage Repair, and other services. If your Dell equipment has reached the end of its warranty period or void warranty device, visiting an authorized Dell service center may not be a good option for you, as authorized service centers typically charge a high fee to fix your laptop. To be sure, you can do a quick Dell warranty check to see if your warranty period is still active. You can instead visit a respected third-party laptop repair business that provides high-quality services at a reasonable cost. If you are certain that a simple Dell laptop screen replacement would solve your problem and you have the requisite expertise and experience, you should go ahead and do it yourself. Go to the centre laptop service center and make an order for an original Dell laptop screen to be delivered to your home if you want to buy an Dell laptop screen online. If you’re not a techie and don’t know how to replace an Dell laptop screen, I recommend taking it to an Dell service center while it’s still under warranty

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