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Laptop Will Not Turn On/Dead Condition

Many laptop coming in totally dead condition, Sometimes it have a just a minor issues follow the steps below for some ideas for own troubleshootings. Many times its coming due to fault windows operating systems. We will provide window installation service in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Gurgaon Area.

How to troubleshoot this types of laptop steps:—

  1. The first issue to check for is the battery. Does the laptop work like normal if it is plugged into the wall with a reliable charger? If so, your laptop likely has a bad battery. You can find battery replacement guides here on iFixit or elsewhere if nobody has made one yet (perhaps you can make your own guide). Make sure the power adapter you’re using works with your computer and puts out enough watts to power your specific model. You don’t want to be the person who goes into a store for a repair just to learn that you were using the wrong charger (I’m speaking from personal experience here). Tip: give the laptop a bit of time after it is plugged in before you try turning it on.
  2. Does the laptop have any signs of life? These include spinning fans, blinking lights, or beeps. These beeps or flashing lights often correspond to a specific issue which you can fix. For example, two beeps when a Dell laptop starts up generally indicates an issue with the RAM.
  3. Check for issues with the screen. It’s pretty easy to think your laptop isn’t working even if the issue is completely due to the screen. If the screen doesn’t turn on, try shining a flashlight into the screen and look for any images. If you can see dim images, the backlight in your screen is dead and you will need to replace the display. This video from Adrian Black shows this same troubleshooting step for a TV screen. Also make sure you haven’t just turned the brightness all the way down. Woops!
  4. Can you get into the BIOS? The BIOS is the basic firmware that runs when you first start your computer. You can sometimes enter the BIOS setup when the laptop starts by holding F2, F10, or the delete key on your keyboard when you press the power button. See this article from Tom’s Hardware for a more comprehensive list of the keys used to enter the BIOS for each brand of laptop. If you can access the BIOS but can’t get any further with a regular boot (a.k.a. an attempt to turn on the computer where you don’t hold the BIOS key) your laptop probably works fine, but you have an issue with the operating system. Check these extra troubleshooting guides for what to do when Windows doesn’t start (or Linux if you have that installed).

If none of these steps work, you might need to replace the motherboard or take it to a repair shop that can work on the issue with the motherboard. If the laptop has a separate power input board that is attached to the motherboard with a cable, you could try replacing that part first. Sometimes the motherboard works fine but isn’t receiving any power because of a bad power port.

The general rule of thumb for troubleshooting is that you want to rule out all other issues before deciding to replace/fix the motherboard because it is one of the more expensive components.

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