How Much Dell Laptop Screen/Touchscreen Replacement Cost In India?

How Much Dell Laptop Screen/Touchscreen Replacement Cost In India?


As well as everyone knows no one can decide the price of a Dell Laptop Screen or Dell Laptop Touchscreen Replacement Cost In India. Everybody will assume only when they didn’t get proper models and laptop screen parts numbers. But is a laptop repairing company will easy to Describe the details of Dell Laptop Screen Parts Number and Replacement Price Of Dell Laptop Screen In India.


Dell Laptop Screen Replacement Cost 

dell inspiron screen  



In Delhi NCR, also deals with screen replacement service for Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, Dell Vostro Laptop Models. Some Basic Dell laptop display repair cost is given below:

Dell Laptop Screen or Touchscreen Replacement Cost in India Range


Dell Vostro Laptop Model Screen price is between Rs 1200 To Rs 9000 for Dell Touch Screen Laptop.

Dell Latitude All Laptop Model Screen price is between Rs 2200 To Rs 6000 for Dell Touch Screen Laptop.


Dell Inspiron All Laptop Model Screen price is between Rs 1900 To Rs 15000 for Dell Touch Screen Laptop.

Price Very Depend on Location of Your Living And price very in different location in India. Now you may have a question: why this fluctuation in cost price? Well, yes it’s correct that there are a variety of screens available on the market.

So due to their quality-price are different. And the problems with the screens also determine the cost, as there are so many Dell laptop screen problems.

In Warranty Period Your Dell Laptop Screen problems fixed without invest any single money. But Screen Broken is not covered under warranty.

Below we will discuss different problems with the dell screen or touch screen.



dell inspiron screen

Not in every case you have replaced your touch screen or laptop screen. In some cases, you can repair your laptop screen.

   Find information about common issues like –

  • Screen icon or don’t size too small or too big.
  • Blank or black screen, no videos.
  • Distorted image.
  • Flickering, fuzzy or blurry screen, horizontal or vertical line.
  • Touch screen problem, colour problem etc.


Display or video-related issues on Dell desktops or monitors and laptop screens can be caused due to incorrect display or video settings. So you can repair your damaged laptop screen with a minimum Dell laptop broken touchscreen replacement cost. Other than this their might have some other problems like-

  • Outdated graphics card drivers.
  • Incorrectly connected cables.
Issue no-1: screen, icon or don’t size too small or too big.

If your laptop screen icon or don’t size is too small or big, changing the video setting can help to resolve this problem.

Symptoms and resolutions- 
  • Set or change the screen resolution.
  • Change the screen brightness.
  • Adjust the refreshment rates.
  • You may need to change the size of the font and icons.
  • Turn on the clear type.
Issue no-2: Blank screen or no videos

Either there is no display on the laptop screen or the screen has horizontal or vertical lines going across it. We are providing the best Dell Laptop screen repair service in Delhi NCR.

  • A blank or black screen.
  • Color fades.
  • Fuzzy, blurry, distorted or stretched image.
  • Geometric distortion.
  • Light bleeding or leakage.
  • Horizontal or vertical lines.
  • Light or dark patches.
  • Dead or bright pixels.

The led display issue can occur due to outdated drivers, video cards, chip sets and the driver


  • Run the automated tools in support assistance to ensure that the drivers and bios are up to date.
  • Verify the display or video issue on a known monitor.
  • Run hardware diagnosis.
  • You should Check about physical damage.
  • Reset the facility settings.
  • Download and install Microsoft.
  • Change the video display and adjust the brightness.
  • Touchscreen troubleshooting.

we are responsible to provide the best dell laptop touch screen replacement cost in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida & Nearby Area.

  • Run a video stress test using Dell support.
  • Window system restore.
Issue no-3: distended image, blurry, fuzzy and flickering video.


The icon doesn’t or the screen is distended, flickering or blurry. It may have a colour problem.

The screen is too bright or too dim or has some vertical and horizontal lines over the screen.

Issue No- 4: Touchscreen troubleshooting.

The screen is not responding to touch or the touch is not working intermittently. we are here to give you the best replacement cost for a laptop touchscreen.

  • The touchscreen is not working properly.
  • The touch screen is not working intermittently.
  • Touch screen down does not respond or respond inaccurately.

The touch screen can stop working or respond accurately because the display is not touch-capable driver incompatibility. Or there can be some calibration issues and so on.

  • Confirm the computer or laptop has a touch screen and touch screen problems.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Clean the display or the screen of the laptop.
  • Enable the touch screen in a device manager.
  • Calibrate the touch screen windows.
  • Download and install the Microsoft Windows update.
  • Run touch screen diagnostic test using dell support assistance.
  • Adjust the power management setting of the touch screen.
  • Updates the BIOS, video card, monitor driver and touch screen firmware.
  • Perform a windows system restore.
  • Restore the computer to defaults.




We are known as the best computer or laptop screen repair and replacement service center in India. We are highly specialized in repairing and replacing the screen of different brands of Dell laptops at affordable prices. We repair all kinds of damage and distorted laptop screens at our repair center and also onsite.

We provide the same day dell laptop touch screen replacement in Delhi NCR,

so your valuable time can be saved. No matter what kind of damage there is, we can solve almost every type of laptop screen problem.




If you accidentally break your laptop screen you should repair it. Many questions arise like how good the service is and how much it will take for repair and replacement.


The answer to all these questions is we, the provider of the best Dell Laptop Screen Replacement cost in India. We are the best business when it comes to offering the laptop repairing service.

We have years of experience and a strong technical team. Along with this, we have certified engineers that are well skilled and knowledgeable in the largest laptop repairing method.

Dell Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair costs in Delhi, NCR.
  • The cost of replacing a Dell laptop screen in Delhi is about 2000 rupees to 5000 rupees.
  • The repairing cost of the Dell laptop screen in Delhi is from 2000 rupees to 3000 rupees.


NOTE- This price depends on models, parts availability and market fluctuations.

Dell Laptop Screen Replacement Cost:


Dell laptop screen replacement costs may vary from person to person. We have to wisely choose the one who has the right knowledge and skill and a reasonable price for laptop screen replacement service. We are the best solution for your laptop screen repair and replacement services even for home services. We charge only Rs 200 for his service. And the cost of laptop screen repaired starts from 2000 and up to 8000 Rs.

Besides repairing and replacing the broken screen of dell laptop, we provide our service for many different areas like –

  • Hardware Issue.
  • Keyboard repair.
  • Motherboard repair.
  • Software repairing.
  • System installation.
  • Hard disk data recovery.

If you have any problem contact us to get your laptop’s cracked screen repaired in Delhi, NCR without any hassle.



In the current scenario where digital equipment has made our life much stronger. In dell laptops, screen related problems are more common. In such cases, laptop screen repair would be the most appropriate and affordable decision that anyone can take.

There may be some situations when we are not able to understand whether we need to repair or replace our laptop screen. Such conditions may arise such that the laptop screen turns defective, although there is no issue with the device. there are various ways of being defective your device like discoloration, irregular or poor pixilation and problems with back lighting etc.  There may also be a situation like a broken laptop screen.  For those cases, I highly recommend visiting or contacting our As we are the dell laptop touch screen repair and replacement center. Along with this, we provide the best dell laptop screen repair and replacement costs in India. so don’t worry we are always here at your service.



Now in the updated world, many laptops are offering touchscreen. They aimed to make our job and work much simpler and manage them with such efforts. Yes, it is possible to repair the touch screen of your laptop. This is the most common question among people.

Along with that, you can replace it but before that, you should ensure that you hired a professional for it. The replacement of the dell laptop touch screen is possible at an affordable price. And if you are looking for a professional for your dell laptop damaged touchscreen replacement, we will be the best choice for you

It ranges from 8500 to 22500 Rs ALL over India. There are many reasons behind the price difference.



the replacement cost of a Dell laptop touchscreen is about 8500 rupees to 20500 rupees.



As we all know that the laptop is a very important gadget in modern life. It can be functioning wrongly at some period despite your care. And for this no need to worry about it, as we are always available for you at your service. We are the best Dell laptop screen and touch screen repair and replacement service center in India

are known for our great services and very reasonable prices for our service. We can do all the things and are very proactive regarding your laptop.

v Dell is now a very well-known brand in the laptop and computer industry. Being an electronic gadget it also has some difficulties or deformities. Here we are gonna discuss Dell’s laptop touch screen problem and the solutions. There are so many problems you may face with Dell’s laptop screen.

Some problems have a straight cut solution and somewhere we should replace the screen. Here you got to know about the dell laptop screen replacement cost in India as well as Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR.


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