Motherboard Repair/Replacement

HP Laptop Motherboard Repair/Replacement Home Services In Delhi NCR

Are you looking for an expert and professional HP engineer for your HP laptop motherboard diagnosis and repair? 

Then contact our HP Service Center and we provide onsite/doorstep HP laptop diagnose service in Delhi NCR (Noida, Gurgaon or Gurugram, Greater Noida, Vaishali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Indirapuram) by expert and professional technicians. As you know that repair work can’t be at onsite because we need to find out the exact problems with the logic board. For that, we carry your device to our HP service center and use the BGA machine to find out which ICs are not working properly and fix it. So whenever we pick your laptop and our engineer will you give HP laptop receiving slip and signature of each part before picking your device and it will directly go to our HP laptop service center for diagnosing and repairing, our staff will inform you of the HP laptop motherboard repairing charges before fixing it, if you agreed then we start work if you are not agreed then we delivery at your address thus you have to pay only Rs.250 for visit and laptop service. In any case, our engineer feels that your laptop gets complete damage and after fixing it then it will raise issues after some time period so we will suggest you replace your complete motherboard so that your pc can smoothly work for a long time period without any interruption.  We fix all HP models that are mentioned below:

  • HP Omen Motherboard Repair Services
  • HP Spectre Pro Motherboard Repair Services
  • HP Pavilion Motherboard Repair Services
  • HP Spectre Motherboard Repair Services
  • HP Notebook Motherboard Repair Services

There are lots of problems that cause the motherboard to get ruin

Overheating Issues: If your laptop gets too much overheat then you need urgent laptop service or replace fan otherwise your laptop gets damaged so you need to do this quickly as soon as possible. Sometimes the computer heats up due to many reasons like the improper cooling processor or ventilation issues etc. The overheating may be damage to the logic board of your computer so make sure to switch off your device if there is any burning smell.

Water Spilled: If your pc spilled water or coffee then 90% chance will make fail your logic board so you need to keep away water or coffee from your device.

POST (Power On Self-Test) Issues: The Post is the test conducted by BIOS to make sure that your software or hardware properly works or not, or everything is fine or not. If your logic gets ruined then your logic board may or may not be performed and your system will not be switched on after that so that your device does not perform any tasks thus you need to go HP laptop repair expert engineer to fix this problem.

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